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You can get the original goji cream only through the official website of the product. Beware of counterfeit products on third party websites!

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To successfully purchase at the official price, fill in the phone number and name on the official website in the online ordering form, according to the form posted on the website. Wait for feedback to recommend and arrange delivery. Soon the company manager will call you, indicate the delivery details, the time of receiving the cream.

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No prepayment. Pay only by post or courier upon receipt of delivery.

How to buy in Medina Goji Cream

Goji Cream is an innovative anti-wrinkle cream based on Goji berry extract. Suitable for girls and women 22 years and older (no restrictions). Universal - for face, eye area and décolleté. The volume of one package is 50 ml.

Cost 265﷼ - Fill in the form if you want to order a cream for promotion in Medina

Action! Buy 50% off. Operates in Saudi Arabia to receive orders through the official website. It is very easy to order the cream on the website using a special form:

  1. Leave the request in the order form, enter your name and phone number in the blank fields
  2. Select delivery method to find out delivery details
  3. Pay by parcel in 2-7 days by post or courier upon receipt in Medina

Please note that the exact price of sending a parcel to your address may differ from other cities, after receiving the parcel you can pay the order fee. When confirming your order, please provide the full address (postal code, Saudi Arabia, Medina, street, house number).

Goji cream instantly hydrates and evens out tone. Can be used as a makeup base. Regular use has an anti-aging effect. Relieves swelling and fatigue under the eyes, corrects wrinkles and prevents their formation.

Reviews about Goji Cream in Medina

  • ميمونة
    I do not regret the money spent. The cream is easy to apply and quickly absorbed. After the first application, the skin is revitalized. I have been using it for over six months. I recently took a photo, comparing before and after using goji cream. Previously there were no expressive wrinkles on the eyes and cheeks. The neck and décolleté are more toned and look younger.
    Goji Cream
  • ميمونة
    I conclude that Goji Cream is an excellent anti-wrinkle cream, at an affordable price. Absorbs quickly and well. The skin does not become oily, but at the same time not dry. The cream moisturizes, tightens, removes and prevents the formation of wrinkles. There is no feeling of tightness after use. Pleasant aroma. I recommend!
    Goji Cream